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  There are quite a number of activities available around,

  • Golf, the closest golf, Srinakarind Dam golf club, is only 15 minutes away, and another one Nichigo 30 minutes from the resort.
  • Kayaking you may rent kayaks from the resort and spend a few hours drifting gently in the current of the Kwai river, or paddle up stream towards toward the Srinakarind  Dam and stop for a picnic. Rafting is also available, near the elephant camp.
  • Boat tour, board a thai river boat to go to the famous water falls
  • Trekking, if you want real adventure, go for a day trek or two in the National park in front of the resort with one of our hunting guides, plenty of wild life and stunning views. Also for trekking visit the famous Erawan waterfalls, 2.5 km only from the resort.
  • Spend an evening on the lake, for dinner or for a fishing party.
  • Enjoy a bicycle ride around the resort
  • For movie addicts visit the Prommitr film studio where the famous film “ The Legend of King Naresuan"  was shot www.prommitrfilmstudio.com
  • Visit the wild life open zoo one of the best of Thailand : http://www.kanchanaburisafaripark.com and the elephant camp 5km only from the resort.
  • and of course see the historic sites of  the ‘ Death Railway ’ where so many war prisoners and Asian workers died under the bad treatments of the Japanese army during World War 2.

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